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Learn how Cameco Corporation enables better decision making using Seequent Central.

Cameco Corporation, one of the world’s largest Uranium mining companies, delivers data-driven and knowledge-driven discovery by using Seequent Central.

Learn how Seequent Central can help bring your team and data together.



4 min

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Video Transcript

[00:00:00.480](enchanted music)

[00:00:03.320]<v ->We are Cameco Corporation.</v>

[00:00:05.160]We are one of the world’s largest Uranium Mining Companies.

[00:00:08.040]We produce 17% of the world’s uranium.

[00:00:11.010]Our challenges is how do we do it all

[00:00:13.040]and still be able to deliver discovery.

[00:00:16.400]<v Scott>With today’s complexity, collect a lot more data.</v>

[00:00:19.060]We manage a lot more data.

[00:00:21.290]We rely on


[00:00:24.230]We rely on geophysics.

[00:00:25.830]We rely on geology.

[00:00:27.550]We tie it all together with Geo science

[00:00:29.620]and it’s very much data-driven

[00:00:31.450]and knowledge driven decision-making that we rely on.

[00:00:35.950]Proceed with Central, it allows you to,

[00:00:39.140]to see your data, to see your ideas,

[00:00:42.000]to identify your concepts.

[00:00:44.000]And then as a team, being able to discuss them

[00:00:47.380]and essentially being a platform

[00:00:49.680]for collaboration of ideas and alternatives.

[00:00:52.178](enchanted music)

[00:00:54.320]<v ->Our greatest success is going from</v>

[00:00:56.890]the stone age to the digital age.

[00:00:59.050]It’s been a revolution.

[00:01:00.990]And now being able to take that digital data,

[00:01:03.880]<v Mike>Manipulate it, enhance it</v>

[00:01:05.930]and use it not only in a geological sense,

[00:01:08.770]but in a business sense to monitor our business

[00:01:11.010]as far as products, productivity, efficiencies,

[00:01:15.590]and being able to continually grow on that.

[00:01:17.800]Exploration truly is maturing to a point

[00:01:22.000]where it is a business rather than an activity.

[00:01:26.130]We’re now at a point where 40 years of exploration data

[00:01:31.660]has a place, whether it’s 2D, 3D documents,

[00:01:35.410]or just historical data, everything has a home for itself.

[00:01:40.170]And I think that in itself is

[00:01:43.040]one of our greatest accomplishments.

[00:01:46.280]There’s a place for everything.

[00:01:47.650](elated violin music)

[00:01:50.460]<v ->Historically geologist worked in 2D.</v>

[00:01:52.680]We were kind of on the trends as well,

[00:01:54.460]did a lot of work in 2D flipping over into 3D

[00:01:58.170]was a big step for us.

[00:02:00.180]<v Misty>Allowing us to visualize the model in 3D.</v>

[00:02:03.830]But now the next step for us is to take the model

[00:02:06.180]and communicate to our managers

[00:02:08.430]and to the other, the rest of the group,

[00:02:10.100]What exactly we’re trying to test here.

[00:02:12.693](enchanted music)

[00:02:14.890]<v ->In the past, we used to make a decision</v>

[00:02:16.590]based on PDFs and 2D maps

[00:02:18.510]and constantly emailing each other

[00:02:20.340]and give updates and emails.

[00:02:22.657]<v Sarah>As Central is in place,</v>

[00:02:24.590]We have live drilling data available,

[00:02:27.480]both in the field and in the office.

[00:02:30.390]<v ->The more you work with Central, the easier it gets</v>

[00:02:32.610]because the more data you have in your models

[00:02:34.960]and in Central, the more you can do with that data.

[00:02:38.210]<v Eric>I think it’s going to get better as, we use it.</v>

[00:02:40.529]( elated piano music)

[00:02:42.420]<v ->Basically, if you’re a geologist at Cameco here,</v>

[00:02:45.080]It pretty much using Central.

[00:02:48.420]<v Dane>I think it’s just made everything more efficient.</v>

[00:02:50.910]People don’t have to lose.

[00:02:52.000]So, you know, scan the network

[00:02:53.270]and try and find out where models are.

[00:02:54.850]They don’t have to waste time copying

[00:02:56.390]and pasting stuff onto their computers

[00:02:59.000]and everything is all in one in tidy box.

[00:03:01.375](enchanted music)

[00:03:04.810]<v ->The importance of having one version of the truth</v>

[00:03:06.990]in terms of data or geological interpretations,

[00:03:10.180]<v Cliff>Is that we want to inform our business decisions</v>

[00:03:13.170]based on the most reliable information that we have.

[00:03:16.560]And so having a platform like Central,

[00:03:18.380]where we can ensure that we’re using only the most robust

[00:03:22.430]and updated interpretation is critical to minimizing

[00:03:25.710]any potential risks to the operation.

[00:03:28.095](enchanted piano music)