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Here are the best practices for staying productive and connected.

Worried about data usage on your local network?
Oasis montaj only requires an internet connection when logging in or signing out. Therefore, this is often very minimum data usage using only a few Mb at most.

What if I’m going offline and won’t have internet?
If you’re signed in with your Seequent ID before going offline, you can work up to 90 days offline. You can check if you’re signed in by hovering over the Geosoft Connect icon in the Windows system tray. If you mistakenly sign out when offline, use these offline methods to get reconnected.

Can I connect remotely to a PC running Oasis montaj?
Yes. If you have Oasis montaj installed on a different computer, say your office PC, our licensing allows you to connect remotely to that PC and use it.

What if I want to install Oasis montaj on a different PC but I’m already signed-in with my Seequent ID elsewhere?
Not a problem. When installing Oasis montaj on a new PC the installation process you will ask you to sign in with your Seequent ID. When you start Oasis montaj, it will recognize if you’re currently signed in and with an open application on another PC and request to transfer the subscription. Pressing OK will allow you to open the application.

*If your subscription does not permit this transfer, contact support.

As a friendly reminder, you can locate all Installation files and System Requirements here.

Don’t have WI-FI?  
Simply connect to mobile hotspot for a few minutes to sign in, then you can proceed to work offline for up to 90 days.

What support and/or helpful resources can you access while working remotely?

If you ever have any questions, you can always reach our team at: [email protected] and we would be happy to help.

We also have the following online resources which you might find helpful below:

Interested in free online training courses?
Did you know we have free intuitive online training courses? Whether you are a new or existing Oasis montaj user, check out our training options.

Keep communicating and collaborating  
Check out our web visualisation capability enabled in Seequent Central or free desktop-based sharing platform Geosoft Viewer.

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