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Here is the best practice for staying productive and connected 

Worried about data usage on your local network?  
Leapfrog only requires an internet connection when logging in or signing out. After signing in, you can work offline for up to 24 hrs at a time if on a Daily subscription, and even longer if you have access to a Named or Shared subscription.  

Don’t have WI-FI?  
You can hotspot off your phone to sign into Leapfrog! No router of WIFI network is required. Simply connect to your mobile hotspot for just a few minutes to sign in and proceed for 24hrs without maintaining the hotspot connection.   

What support and/or helpful resources can you access while working remotely?   
If you ever have any questions, you can always reach our team at: [email protected] and we would be happy to help.  

We also have the following online resources which you might find helpful below:

Need training, support or software downloads?
my.seequent is our one-stop shop for everything you need to support you on your modelling journey.

To access our free online training courses, get the latest release information and downloads or make support requests visit: MySeequent & Leapfrog Works

Keep communicating and collaborating
Check out our web visualisation capability enabled in Seequent Central or free desktop-based sharing platform Leapfrog Viewer. You can also create and share movies or render images within Leapfrog to share your work with clients or colleagues.

Learn more about Leapfrog Works

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