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Being a consultant brings additional pressures and challenges. Whether contracted over a period of months or for shorter, more intensive periods, you need to hit the ground running. Continuing to add to your repertoire of skills is essential and keeps you nimble and adaptable. Advanced Leapfrog skills are a marketable asset that adds value and extend your services.

We approached leading consultants to find out, in their own words, how Leapfrog enables them to be better geologists and more successful consultants. Here’s a snapshot; 10 reasons why consultants choose Leapfrog!

“There is a solid demand for detailed 3D modelling in the industry right now.”

Oliver Jones, Impala Geomodelling, UK

“Leapfrog is particularly relevant for Consultants because we’re doing a type of work that many other geologists wouldn’t do. They’d be following a fairly well-established process that runs over months, whereas the variety of data sets we have to work on, and the speed with which we have to give answers, makes Leapfrog a very useful tool.”

Robin Simpson, SRK Russia.

“Leapfrog is fantastic at helping clients visualise the findings at the reporting stage.” 

Federico Cemuschi, Eclectic Rock, Uruguay

“For me Leapfrog is the main innovation in mining software in the last 25 years, it is the only way I can fit with the timing that the client is demanding.”

Orlando Rojas, Geoestima, Chile

“Leapfrog allows you to wrap your mind around stuff and get visual insights on a grand scale.”

George Smith, Principal Consultant, Geomax, US

“I sometimes feel like I’m using the latest iPhone and everyone else is using a Nokia from the 90s.”

Chris Gordon, Specialised Geological Mapping, Spain

“It’s not just the time it frees you to think about the problem, it’s also how it allows you to easily communicate the geological model to clients.”

John Stewart, Geokincern, New Zealand

“Competitors have developed ‘implicit’ modelling modules, and some are true RBFs, but no program has come close to matching the functionality of Leapfrog.”

Richard ‘Tick’ Knight, Mining Geology Solutions, US

“It has changed the way I consult. That used to be compass and core frame structural measurements and photographs written up in a report. Now there is a full 3D live assessment of the structural, geochemical, geological and grade data, delivered in the Leapfrog Viewer, as well as reports.”

Gerard Tripp, Gerard Tripp PhD Consulting, Australia

“Regular integration of new data into geology models is happening now with Leapfrog Geo and has expanded to block models with Leapfrog Edge.”

Peter Oshust, formerly Wood, Canada.

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