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Shaun Maloney
Chief Executive Officer, Seequent

Uwa Airhiavbere
Managing Director, Microsoft’s Worldwide Energy Industry Practice


38 min

Transform your workforce

The spirit of Lyceum is bringing people together for discussion and discovery. That’s why we embraced hosting this event virtually – so you can connect with other professionals, industries, and new technology. Shaun Maloney, our CEO, opens Lyceum 2020 with how digital technologies can enhance connection between people and information, and a preview of the big announcements to come during our Seequent roadmap and closing sessions.

How we work has changed forever. The places we work are no longer fixed and projects are becoming increasingly more collaborative, dynamic, and multidisciplinary. How can you adapt and evolve? Our key note, Uwa Airhiavbere, shares how professionals across industries are applying the latest digital technologies to connect data, expertise, and stakeholders.

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