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See how Seequent Solutions are providing Geoscientists and engineers the tools for the future of 3d visualisation and communication.

See all of your Data in One Place – Seeing all your data in one place is crucial for making informed decisions. Leapfrog Works, built for Geoscientists, brings together all your data into a single location.

3D Visualisation and Modelling – Leapfrog Works allows you to quickly build 3d models of geology, contamination, or geophysical data with an intuitive, dynamic workflow. You can easily interact with your 3d models with our enhanced visualisation tools to help you gain clarity and insights into your data.

3D Communication – Communicating the subsurface in 3D breaks down barriers between technical and non-technical team members and stakeholders. This has never been easier with our FREE viewing platform, View.

Presentation – Enhance your presentations with cross sections and movies! With Leapfrog Works, you can generate cross sections and movies of your geological models in minutes.