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Steve Law, Senior Geologist at Seequent, discusses performing kriging neighbourood analysis (KNA) with Leapfrog Edge.

With Leapfrog Edge, KNA can be run on multiple parent blocks within a domain, improving the confidence of the global parameters you have chosen. It is important that a check and measure step is completed during the resource estimation process to ensure the block model is not oversmoothed and is suitable for its intended purpose. In this webinar, we will look at tips in Leapfrog Edge to perform KNA to select the appropriate block size and help optimise the search neighbourhood in a fully dynamic workflow.

Join Steve Law, Senior Geologist at Seequent, who will discuss quantifying kriging parameters such as:
• Parent Block Size
• Number of Samples
• Search Ellipsoid Ranges
• Discretisation

Presenter: Steve Law, Senior Project Geologist at Seequent