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Mark Lowe, Project Geophysicist and Allan Ignacio, Senior Geologist, discuss a typical workflow for visualising, tracking and integrating geophysical data to enhance 3D models.

With Seequent applications and cloud collaboration, geophysical data can be utilised effectively to improve your geological model. Interactive 2D filtering and VOXI modelling results can be shared and version controlled in Central and processed in Leapfrog. Leapfrog outputs can be brought into Oasis montaj for forward modelling and for constraining inversions. Notifications from Central allow stakeholders to quickly share updates with each other and within an online 3D environment.

In this video, Mark and Allan discuss:
• Open Mining Format OMF
• VOXI Earth Modelling
• 2D Filtering
• Central for data sharing, collaboration, notifications
• Importing geophysical data into Leapfrog
• Modifying surfaces in Leapfrog

Mark Lowe, Project Geophysicist and Allan Ignacio, Senior Geologist at Seequent