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Imago uses a Microsoft Azure hosted web server to host and deliver its solution. Clients interact with the web server from:

  • Desktop application such as Imago Tools and Imago Capture
  • Mobile phone applications such as Imago Mobile
  • HTML5 compatible web browsers such Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome
  • Customer deployed API ( clients

All information stored in Imago can be mirrored to local servers on demand by the customer if required. A simplified architecture diagram is presented below:

The imago ecosystem of applications references several different web addresses within the Imago domain, we request:

  1. All traffic is allowed for our domain and subdomains where * is a wildcard. Such as * domains on the https (443) port for TCP and UDP.
  2. Imago knowledge base videos hosted on Vimeo are allowed to play. Videos played from the this site.

You IT team might like to test and monitor what traffic our Imago Capture application is generating to troubleshoot. To this end please download Imago Capture from this page: (New Customers) and enter Credentials: ImagoDemo1 / ImagoDemo1 using the Import Environment button in the application. If the environment imports successfully then then all all necessary permissions have been granted correctly.