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The Oasis montaj 2022.2 release includes significant workflow improvements to the UAV Merge Sorties extension, previously known as the UAV extension. The improved extension allows users to merge survey data from multiple sources into a single dataset. Previously, users had to plan their surveys within Oasis montaj, even if they had already planned their surveys using other proprietary software. This was a time-consuming and unnecessary step for many users and included re-creating survey plans in Oasis montaj to enable data processing.

Using the improved UAV Merge Sorties, users can now input the geometry parameters of their survey instead of having to plan their survey within the software, providing the framework for processing the sorties. This includes providing a Geosoft polygon file that defines the boundary limits of the survey area, the line spacing, line azimuth, and optional sample spacing and origin. Users can also use a new tool to extract the polygon file from a Google Earth KML file and save it as a PLY (polygon) file.

Oasis montaj 2022.2 UAV Merge Sorties Flight Parameters

Oasis montaj 2022.2 UAV Merge Sorties Flight Parameters

In addition, the requirement to define sortie subareas has been removed, allowing the software to automatically handle both scenarios of having pre-planned sorties or not. This streamlines the workflow and makes it easier for users who do not plan their surveys within Oasis montaj to use the software. The software now automatically identifies if pre-planning is present and proceeds with a parallel workflow that considers both scenarios. This new time-saving feature improves inclusivity and removes barriers to use.

Oasis montaj 2022.2 UAV Merge Sorties Levelled magnetic data

Levelled magnetic data

Another new feature in the 2022.2 release is the ability to filter out powerline noise, which can be a problem in surveys conducted near AC powerlines. The noise is caused by the data recording sampling rate being higher than the frequency of the current (AC). The tool can remove powerline noise of 50 Hz and 60 Hz, improving the accuracy of the data for users in the drone geophysics sector. Overall, the improvements in the Oasis montaj 2022.2 release streamline the workflow and make the UAV extension more accessible and useful for users.

User feedback is critical for Seequent to develop this extension to maturity. Please send questions or feedback to [email protected].

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