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This webinar will highlight elements of Leapfrog that have been found to be beneficial when building a reservoir model.

This includes from importing all the available data, to building a complex structural model and subsequent sedimentary stratigraphic model that retains sub-zone thicknesses across faults and honours the localised structural setting.

The functionality shown will illustrate the flexibility of Leapfrog, from the variety of data types that can be used and combined for modelling faults and horisons, to the effective and efficient radial basis function (FastRBF TM) gridding algorithm producing “gridless” geological modelling.

Once constructed, the ability to share knowledge between team members, from the 3D domain, is key, and the features and benefits of Leapfrog’s visualisation tools will also be demonstrated.

Although our example focuses upon an Oil and Gas data set, this style of model construction could also be analogous for other modelling studies in CCS, Hydrogen Storage, Low Temperature Geothermal and Groundwater.


Clare Baxter

Paul Champ
Modelling Matters

Elliott Douglas
Modelling Matters


47:34 min

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