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Global technology company Seequent (formerly ARANZ Geo) hosted South African High Commissioner Zodwa Lallie at their Christchurch-based headquarters this week.  The visit was designed to celebrate and further strengthen the company’s relationship with South Africa. 

Shaun Maloney, Seequent’s Chief Executive, says: “We have a special relationship with South Africa.  It’s where we gained our first major mining customers for our Leapfrog software over a decade ago.  Today, it’s still very important not only because it’s a major customer region, it’s also an area where we can work together to have a huge impact in a wide range of other areas from sustainability to water.”

 Her Excellency Zodwa Lallie viewing a model in Seequent's Christchurch office

Her Excellency Zodwa Lallie viewing a model in Seequent’s Christchurch office

Her Excellency Zodwa Lallie, High Commissioner of the Republic of South Africa, says: “We are very proud of the relationship between South Africa and Seequent.  Our countries share a strong interest in how science, innovation and research can contribute to the improvement of the quality of life.  The visit to Seequent’s Christchurch headquarters allowed the discussion of further opportunities to build on the relationship for the benefit of both countries.”

Seequent leads the world in visualisation of complex scientific data. It first introduced its Leapfrog 3D geological modelling software to the mining and minerals industry over 10 years ago. The company has since developed solutions for a wide range of industries including geothermal and renewable energy, civil engineering, and environmental management.

Seequent’s rapidly growing global footprint includes a score of offices around the world including a development group in George and a sales team in Johannesburg. 

South African High Commissioner Zodwa Lallie says the visit provided a valuable update not just on Seequent’s work in South Africa, but also their environmental, geothermal and humanitarian work in East Africa and farther afield.  

She said, “South Africa has an integral role to play in Africa’s advancement. We encourage industry and employment that makes a positive impact to people’s lives.  Seequent is doing valuable work in South Africa and we look forward to seeing their business expand in our country as well as other countries in Africa.”  

Around 10% of Seequent’s 225 strong global team are based in South Africa.  The company is continuing to grow their business in South Africa and is investing in people and skills in the region.

Maloney says, “Our work with South African Universities is helping graduate level geology students develop skills using our software which is considered global best practise for resource management. We’re also helping doctoral students apply our software on valuable local projects that are helping power development in Africa.  These efforts are a great way to share and build knowledge so more local expertise is available to manage resources as demand increases globally. We all need to find ways of sustainably looking after the planet.”