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The Simple Mobile Capture Station is an excellent way to improve the quality of your core photographs while allowing the core capture station to adapt in the Coreshed space. This setup will ensure the quality of your photographs by fixing your DSLR camera directly over a core box table where they are placed to be captured.

One of the main advantages of this design is that you can control the lighting of the capture process with it.

Combined with Imago capture software this setup will produce high-quality photographs consistently, ensuring also ergonomy for your team.

Fig. 1. Example of the Simple Mobile Capture Station constructed to meet client needs. Imago Inc, 2020. 

Imago’s engineering team can provide the drawings for you to build it on your own. Or, if needed Imago can build it for you and ship it to your project. 

The distance for the position fixers can be accommodated so that any type of Corebox fits according to the client’s needs.

The X is the height of the camera to the top of the corebox (camera height) and it depends on the Field of View of the Camera. (see image below).

This station was based on 63 cm long and 36 cm wide core-boxes. However, those measurements are parametrical and can be adjusted to fit any core box.

If you think this the right setup for you or have any questions, reach out, our team.

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