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The Capture Station table is a simple and cost-effective way to improve the quality of your core photographs. This setup will ensure the quality of your photographs by fixing your DSLR camera directly over a core box table where they are placed to be captured.

Combined with Imago capture software this setup will produce high-quality photographs consistently, ensuring also ergonomy for your team.

Fig. 2. Example of Capture Station Table constructed to meet client needs.

In this manual, you will find the indications and basic measurements to build the Imago Capture station. It is important to understand that these measurements are parametric and that the station can be accommodated to work with any type of box.

Imago’s engineering team can provide the drawings for you to build it on your own. Or, if needed Imago can build it for you and ship it to your project.

Construction manual

1.Build the table:

  • Material used must be able to support 60 KG;
  • Ideally made out of Angle Iron or Square Iron Tube;
  • Should be light enough to transport to site easily;
  • The table will be able to support either 1 or 2 boxes at a time.
  • Top of the table can be made of crossbars or flat wood plank
  • If crossbars, these must be placed in short orientation so they do not catch on the boxes
  • Top needs to be flat and leveled.

In order to easily transport the frame to the site, you will have a welded mount for the camera mast pole. The mast pole can be adjusted.

  • The mount shall ensure the mast pole remains at a 90-degree angle to the table and very solid.

2. Build Placement Guides for Core Trays: Core boxes must fit on the table always in the same position

  • Build side guides so core boxes can be pushed against these to set core box in the same relative position each time:
  • Guides should allow enough space so the box can be pick up from the side without interference from the guide. The guide should only be placed on two sides.

3. Build Camera Frame Support: The camera will need to be centered above the center of the box at a distance of 1.4 meters (This distance will depend on the camera and Core boxes measures) measured from the top of the box to the base screw of the camera.

The X is the height of the mast (camera height) and it depends on the Field of View of the Camera. The Y distance is the distance of the camera from the Z-axis to the center. Can be adjusted depending on the camera.  The Z and XX measurements depend on the core boxes used. The overall height of the table can be adjusted as well to fit the coreshed.


4. Place The Camera oriented to the table: The camera must be oriented pointing down and with its longitudinal axis aligned with the longitudinal axis of the table:

This station was based on 1 m long and 0.35 m wide core-boxes. However, those measurements are parametrical and can be adjusted to fit any core box.

Important Information:

  • These are examples and schematic designs.
  • They should not be built without first consulting Imago.
  • The dimensions may change depending on factors such as:
    • Camera model and lens.
    • Core box size.
    • Lighting, and working conditions, among others.
  • Imago Inc is not responsible for the total or partial reproduction of these designs without prior authorization.
  • Our engineering team can help you with the measurement to suit your requirements. Please contact support for more information.

If you think this the right setup for you and you have questions contact us.

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