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June's GeoStudio TechTalk - SIGMA/W Material Model Series: Triaxial Tests from Lab to Numerical Analysis - concludes the SIGMA/W Material Models series with a deeper dive into triaxial tests and their importance in determining the best SIGMA/W material model for your project.

Given the relative simplicity of its execution, the triaxial test has become the quasi–de facto choice to test soils in the laboratory. The results it provides are essential to calibrate the soil models used in a stress-strain analysis performed in SIGMA/W.

Listen to Seequent’s Vincent Castonguay discuss the following:

  • Introduce the triaxial test and how it is performed in the laboratory;
  • Explain the triaxial test plots and result interpretation;
  • Demonstrate how to simulate a triaxial test in SIGMA/W; and
  • How to use different soil material models in SIGMA/W to deepen your understanding of soil mechanics.



Vincent Castonguay
GeoStudio Research Engineer


52 min

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Video Transcript

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