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We’re excited to announce a new and upcoming collaboration. We’ve partnered with Resources for Future Generations 2018 (RFG) to create the student research contest: Data Speaks! Seequent Storytelling Competition.

The competition is being run as part of the RFG2018 conference, which is happening June 16-21 in Vancouver. We’re also participating as a Diamond Sponsor of the conference.

RFG2018 brings together scientists and researchers from industry, academia and professional institutions to discuss ways to sustainably manage the earth’s energy, minerals and water resources. We’re sponsoring the competition because our vision directly aligns with this – we want to enable better decisions about earth, environment and energy challenges.

About Data Speaks!

RFG is focused on empowering and starting dialogues with our upcoming generation of scientists and researchers, and the Data Speaks! Competition supports this aim. Eligible students are asked to re-imagine their research abstract to make it suitable for a non-specialist audience. Then we’ll select finalists to tell their story on camera. Read the full entry details.

Our intention is to help students hone their essential science communication skills, which will be vital in facing and overcoming global sustainability challenges. The students of today will be the influencers of tomorrow. They will be the ones who develop new approaches for resource extraction, water security and social equity. They will also be the ones who create consensus and shared understanding among a variety of audiences, including non-specialists. The ability to communicate research and data to these audiences is key in influencing future changes – which is why it’s vital to help students learn the science of communication now.  

Follow the competition @seequentglobal #SeeDataSpeak and via LinkedIn