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iPoint for geothermal delivers new data management and visualisation capability to the geothermal industry; Seequent appointed exclusive global re-seller

CHRISTCHURCH, NZ and Aberdeen, UK – 17 August, 2018 – Seequent, a developer of revolutionary visual data science software, and Perigon, a global leader in delivering intelligent wellbore data management solutions today announced they have partnered to deliver the iPoint data management and visualisation software solution to the geothermal Industry.

Seequent, the developer of dedicated 3D modelling solution Leapfrog Energy, has been appointed as the exclusive global re-seller of iPoint for geothermal, a tried and tested set of tools tailored specifically for the geothermal industry to address the long-time challenges of data storage, management and security.

Graham Grant, COO of Seequent, says: “One of the biggest assets a geothermal operator has is the data they collect during the expensive operation of drilling and subsurface investigation along with operational data.

“Our partnership with Perigon is a great way to help our geothermal customers take control over the way their data is managed and used, to better manage risk and make important exploration and operational investment decisions that add to the top and bottom-line.”

iPoint enables direct access to clean, standardised data for geothermal assets in a single
environment. Users can store and visualize the complete range of geothermal
data, including geochemical, geological, production and geophysical, in ‘one
home’ for all subsurface data. This allows users to quickly find the ‘best set’
of information available to them.  

First developed for
the oil and gas industry, iPoint’s ability to store disparate data types along with
images and documents, combined with strong well correlation capabilities made the
solution the undisputed leader of complete wellbore data management.

Paul Reid, CEO of Perigon, says: “iPoint has been a
best-in-class solution for the Oil and Gas Industry for many years. We
specialise in subsurface wellbore data and our intelligent solutions integrate
data to advance analysis and enable more accurate, contextual data
interpretation. We have now developed iPoint to support the specific and
specialist data within the geothermal industry and partnering with Seequent
helps us to provide a more complete solution to this market.”

iPoint for geothermal
was developed in collaboration with key industry leaders
and has already been tested with some major geothermal companies
in New Zealand and Iceland including, Mercury Energy, Contact Energy and ISOR.

Ian Richardson, Mercury’s Geothermal Projects and Research
Manager, says: “We have been trialling iPoint to help solve the key challenge
with our geoscience data, which is having a centralised, version-controlled
database that can be accessed and used by anyone on a particular project.
iPoint has enabled us to do this successfully in a trial, and we look forward
to continuing to work with Seequent and Perigon.”

ISOR have also been trialling iPoint
to help their teams make better decisions. Steinþór Níelsson,
Head of Geosciences
for ISOR, says: “Sometimes our Geoscientists don’t have the full and best
picture they could have and with that comes uncertainty about trusting the
data. If you don’t trust the information you have at hand, you increase the
risk factors associated with potential exploration or operational decisions.
iPoint will give us a single source of truth and therefore we can trust the
data much more in our decision making.”

Jeremy O’Brien,
Seequent’s Business Manager for Geothermal Energy, says: “We saw a key gap in
the market around data management and saw an opportunity to bring tools to the
geothermal industry to help tackle this. 
This partnership highlights Seequent’s
commitment to bringing a suite of products to the market to help geothermal companies
in understanding and managing the subsurface.”

To learn more about iPoint for geothermal or to request a demo visit


Image Captions:
#1 – Geothermal in New Zealand
#2 – Graham Grant, COO, Seequent
#3 – Decline curve analysis in iPoint
#4 – Embedded view – facies – in iPoint
#5 – Ternary diagram and geothermometer plot in iPoint

High resolution and other images:

Further information:

Sandra Lukey, Shine Group (PR for Seequent)
Mobile: +64 21 2262 858
Email: [email protected]

Julie Livingstone, Business Services Manager, Perigon
Phone: +44 (0) 1224 355255
Email: [email protected]

About Seequent

Seequent (previously known as ARANZ Geo) is a world leader in the development of data visualisation software and collaborative technologies. Their solutions enable people to create rich stories and uncover valuable insights from geological data, and ultimately make better decisions about their earth, environment and energy challenges. Seequent’s technology contributes to projects in a wide range of industries, including mining and minerals, geothermal and renewable energy, civil engineering and environmental.

Seequent’s global footprint includes its
Christchurch-based HQ and R&D centre, and a network of offices across
Asia/Pacific, Africa, South America, North America and Europe.

For more on Seequent see; Twitter: @seequentglobal
For more on Leapfrog visit; Twitter: @Leapfrog3D

About Perigon

Perigon is a global leader in intelligent,
connected and efficient wellbore data management systems, providing over 15
years of reliable service to their global portfolio of clients.

Their solutions are built around the
pioneering iPoint software which combines class leading data management
abilities with unique visualization capabilities, providing unparalleled levels
of data understanding and confidence to its users.

Perigon’s technical expertise combined with an innate understanding of modern data management challenges allows them to serve global industry needs from their offices in Aberdeen, Scotland and Houston, Texas.


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