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CHRISTCHURCH, NZ – November 29, 2017 – Seequent, a world leader in visualisation for solutions for earth, environment and energy challenges, today announced the launch of new web solution ‘View’ to allow Leapfrog 3D geological models to be freely shared and interacted with online.  The company also announced the release of Leapfrog Geo 4.2, with new data analysis capabilities to significantly advance the 3D geological modelling solution.

Shaun Maloney, Chief Executive, Seequent, (formerly ARANZ Geo), says, “View allows a wide range of stakeholders to freely connect with Leapfrog models online.  This is the sort of advanced flexibility we know our customers need for effective communication and collaboration.  We’ve also continued to make advances with Leapfrog Geo to ensure we continue to set the standard in geological modelling and provide added value for our customers.”

View – Turns geological data into a story

Leapfrog users can readily share key model views with team members and stakeholders via an internet browser. Users can instantly see shared views and interact with the model for rapid and effective communication and collaboration. View runs on any modern internet browser with no need to install software or pass large files around.  View is free to use, and there is no limit to the number of people it can be shared with. 

Director of Cloud Architecture, Rowan Cockett says, “Visualising and analysing data in 3D helps understanding and empowers decision-making.  Being able to readily share this 3D vision with a wide audience takes communication to a whole new level.

“View enables everyone to instantly see, comprehend and interact in a way that isn’t possible when using more traditional presentations. View helps data tell a story in a compelling and visual way that everyone can understand. Having a shared view improves understanding, speeds up decision making and boosts efficiency.”

View’s secure data storage, authentication and upload tools allow users to be specified through permission options to experience key 3D views of Leapfrog models.  Easy rotate and slice tools allow users of any experience level to see the model from all angles and interact either with a mouse or by touch-screen.

Cockett adds, “It’s also possible to tell the story of the modelling process using compelling perspectives saved as ‘slides’, which help to focus the conversation on key points of interest. View democratises access to the data under discussion and the simplicity of the web interface makes it ideal for all user types.”

Leapfrog Geo 4.2 – Data Analysis advances

Leapfrog Geo’s latest release significantly advances capability with new tools for data analysis. These new tools include scatter plots, Q-Q plots, box plots, histograms and compositing graphs, making effective use of Leapfrog’s highly visual and interactive environment while helping users gain new insights. 

Examples include the ability to select data in the graph on the grade distribution chart, filter in the 3D scene and then visually interact and categorise. Users can also visualise pre and post-composite histograms in a single chart to validate compositing. Visualisations have a sharp look and feel with a report-ready appearance.

Seequent’s Director of Product and Innovation Tim Schurr says, “We are committed to the continual improvement of Leapfrog Geo to ensure we set new standards in geological modelling. We are well known for making frequent and significant Leapfrog Geo upgrades and we plan to maintain this trajectory.

“We are equally committed to identifying new solutions like View that extend Leapfrog’s value across our product range and punctuate our intensive release programme.”

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