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Last week, Seequent attended the Global Mining Standards & Guidelines Group (GMSG) Future Mining Edmonton Forum. The GMSG focuses on facilitating collaborative and innovative solutions for the mining industry, and gathered a number of the top movers and shakers of the industry at their Edmonton forum. Seequent is an active member of the GMSG.

Adam Pidlisecky, Chief Research Officer at Seequent, presented the Open Mining Format (OMF) at the conference. The GMSG is spearheading the creation of the OMF, an open standard created to help mining companies move data through their general mining packages. Collaboration and innovation are a core belief of Seequent, and we are supporting the GMSG in their efforts. Nacho Torresi, Regional Director for Latin America, will be presenting the OMF at their Santiago conference in November.

Hot topics discussed at the forum were around autonomous mining and security – especially as autonomous systems become connected to the web. Autonomous mining has already started taking off, with industry leaders like Rio Tinto already using 69 autonomous haul trucks at their iron-ore Pilbara operations in Western Australia (operated out of their Perth office). Other companies, such as Canada-based oil sands company Suncor Energy Inc. and global resource giant BHP Billiton have followed suit. However, autonomy is not just limited to trucks – BHP is pushing for autonomous sea vessels and Rio Tinto is testing automated drilling systems and railways.

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