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Central is the oil in Leapfrog’s engine. It is your ride to consistency and technical maturity for your data and knowledge base. Everyone in the mining sector needs solutions that facilitate streamlined subsurface workflows to de-risk projects. So, count on an accessible cloud-based solution that meets the highest security standards as your best friend.

Are you ready for the next leap forward? Central is the agent of transformation you seek to improve your Leapfrog projects and models and boost your good work. With this to-the-point and meaningful webinar, we will discuss features, good practices, problems and their recommended solutions.
Grasp the benefits of using Seequent Central to increase productive flow and work smarter. The great work hidden within your Leapfrog projects and models needs to be shared! Increase visibility in a safe, auditable and accessible manner using Seequent Central.
Compelling 3D visualisation through Central allows data to tell a better story that brings clarity and confidence to all. With everyone on the same page and easily visualising, understanding and collaborating on a project, you can collectively make informed decisions to address your daily challenges.



Antonio Garibaldi


46.18 minutes

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