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Visualise a variety of geospatial formats, integrate datasets in 3D and maps, and share results with others.

View scene files exported from Leapfrog modelling products



Model management solution to visualise track and manage geological data.


Leapfrog Edge extension provides robust resource estimates in Leapfrog Geo and advanced geostatistics for Leapfrog Geothermal.

Workflow-based 3D geological modelling tool and advanced implicit modelling engine.

Workflow-based 3D geological modelling tool for rapid interpretation of geothermal reservoirs.

Visualise and understand geology for civil engineering and environmental projects.


Visualize, model and interpret geoscience data within one dynamic, 3D environment.

Create insightful sections and accurate geological models to guide exploration decision-making


The modeling software for geo-engineers and earth scientists.

ArcMap & ArcGIS

Full installs, updates, and release notes for Target for ArcMap.

Target for ArcGIS Pro for working with drillhole and subsurface data in the Esri ArcGIS Pro environment.

Data Management

Server technology for publishing, distributing and discovering exploration data.

Plug-ins & Utilities

Plug-in to view and use Geosoft grids and maps as layers in ArcMap.

A troubleshooting tool that gathers information about your computer and any GEOSLOPE products installed on it.

All you need to run a FlexNet™ Publisher License Server Manager (“lmadmin”) for use with network (floating) licenses that will work with any version of GeoStudio.

Seequent Start checks to see if your network will support the connection of Seequent web based services to your desktop applications.

Plug-in to view and use Geosoft grids, shaded grids, and map files in MapInfo.

For use with all GeoStudio USB hardware keys on all versions of Windows.

Developer Tools

The GeoStudio Add-In Developer’s Kit (SDK) includes instructions, templates and sample code to let you write your own Add-Ins.

Developer resources to extend Geosoft platforms and use the GX API in your own applications.

Offline Help

Many of our products have offline help files you can download, so you can view help remotely.