Manage and validate blast movement confidently

Using the post blast topography, blast design and dynamics, OrePro 3D accurately calculates SmartVectors™ throughout the blast. These vectors are used to move the centroids of your grade control model to create a post blast model and optimal dig plan that takes movement, dig direction and flitch height into account.

OrePro 3D is an industry first disruptive technology that performs billions of calculations to optimise polygons for every possible mining direction, mining angle and number of flitches to achieve the highest value in every blast. With OrePro 3D you can inform operations about the effect of dig direction, working face angle, and blast movement for optimum decision making.

Get it right the first time

OrePro 3D is an in-situ and post-blast grade control system that allows production geologists to increase grade and decrease ore loss and dilution by sending the most profitable ore to the right destinations.

Maximise Revenue, Minimise Ore Loss And Dilution

OrePro 3D optimises ore control polygons to achieve the highest value. It helps you manage and validate blast movement confidently thereby minimising dilution and ore loss.

OrePro 3D’s financial analysis tool allows for direct and dynamic financial comparison of pre and post-blast polygons helping you make the most profitable decisions fast!

Improve safety

OrePro 3D doesn’t need measured vectors or transmitters, which means you don’t need to expose employees to safety risks from walking on muck piles.

A safer solution enabled by OrePro 3D’s SmartVectors™ using the blast design, and the post-blast topography to interpret movement to create a post-blast grade control model.

Improve situational awareness

Reduce error in the pit with the free OrePro 3D mobile app which uses virtual reality to identify areas of risk or opportunity which may prevent survey mistakes when digging out grade control polygons.

Access your data anywhere, download your blasts and view them in virtual reality.

Measure Swell On Every Blast

Calculate swell automatically and accurately within each polygon, significantly reducing or eliminating tonnage variance problems.

Confidently know the tonnage and geochemistry in any shape, whether planned or mined with consideration for:
• Mining Direction
• Mining Face Angle
• Flitch Boundaries

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