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Want to get the most out of your estimates and block models in Leapfrog Edge? Watch this video highlighting the practical application of Mineral Resource Categorisation in Leapfrog Edge.

This video is for new and existing users of Leapfrog Geo and Edge who are looking at defining Mineral Resource Categories in Leapfrog.

For the the new-comer to estimation and Leapfrog Edge, you will learn:
– the basics of Mineral Resource Categorisation and background to requirements
– how to visualise and test various criteria that could be used in categorisation
– how to apply these criteria in calculations.

For the more experienced user, learn:
– some workflows to help delineate existing Mineral Resource Category requirements
– calculations and how to use and combine multiple criteria
– inclusion of more subjective criteria such as data confidence.

No discussion of Mineral Resources would be complete without consulting your local reporting codes. We would urge anyone not familiar with these who are involved in the reporting of Mineral Resources to consult the following:

(links to region specific organisations can be found here)



Keith Osburn
Customer Solutions Specialist – Seequent


47 min

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Video Transcript

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