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This GeoStudio TechTalk is the second part of a two-part webinar series considering heat transfer in a complex geologic setting. In this session, we will use the 3D domain generated in the previous webinar for a 3D heat transfer analysis. This analysis will evaluate the effects of installing thermosyphons to minimize the heat transfer from a building to the underlying ground in a region with permafrost.

Join Seequent’s Kathryn Dompierre in this free webinar for a demonstration of the following:
• The steps for setting up a 3D heat transfer analysis, including material and boundary condition definition in GeoStudio;
• How to model thermosyphons in GeoStudio;
• Methods for constraining the mesh in specific regions where large gradients may be present (i.e. around the thermosyphons); and
• How to review the 3D heat transfer results.



Kathryn Dompierre,
GeoStudio Learning and Technical Content Manager


45 minutes

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