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Not that long ago, companies kept their technology secretive and closed. Competitive edge is what mattered and everything was a race to win market share. But customers are no longer interested in buying ‘unique’ or ‘exclusive’, they want ‘intuitive’, ‘connected’, ‘visible’ and ‘seamless’. These are the new product virtues, and they have to become business virtues as well.

With industries adapting to become more digitised and technology-dependent, there are new demands on teams, and new demands from stakeholders and customers. Businesses have to work more openly, collaboratively, and transparently—with customers, commercial partners, and the community—if they want to remain competitive. Important data can no longer be ‘hidden’ or ‘locked’, it needs to be made accessible and visible to both technical and non-technical teams in order to make holistic project decisions.  

Seequent takes an open philosophy and practices these new virtues in a number of ways, including numerous industry partnerships that each facilitate better software interoperability. For example, we collaborate with IMDEX on real-time drilling data, Minalytix to strengthen our centralised data platform, and more recently Esri ArcGIS to create seamless GIS data workflows.

We aim to be interoperable with all leading industry data formats. Seequent have an active involvement in the Open Mining Format project which aims to institute open standards and protocols for geological data. We’re also members of buildingSMART, an international alliance to digitally transform the global construction industry and adopt an open BIM format (IFC). Our products are compatible with all leading industry recognised formats

We feel the real proof is in how our products provide practical solutions for our customers, and ultimately enhance their workflows. We developed Seequent Central to enable the next level of teamwork across multiple specialities within a company – from geoscientists to financial decision-makers.

In civil infrastructure joint ventures, where multiple companies work in stages on one large project, the unified model view helps every stakeholder (technical and non-technical) understand shared risks and mitigate problems caused by misaligned information. This means companies can share sensitive data in a secure, auditable environment – while maintaining the aim of being ‘connected’, ‘visible’ and ‘seamless’.

Central is just one of the ways Seequent hopes to break down silos: providing open, connected and seamless communication that leads to holistic and more meaningful decisions.

Learn how Central can keep your company and stakeholders together – Request a trial.