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In early November 2017, a handful of Seequent’s senior leaders and technical experts took to the road for Lyceum, our biggest customer event series yet. We hosted events in six cities over two weeks and talked to hundreds of customers about our new brand and vision for the future.

 Shaun Maloney, Seequent CEO kicking off Lyceum in Perth, Australia
Shaun Maloney, Seequent CEO kicking off Lyceum in Perth, Australia

The idea behind Lyceum goes back to Aristotle, who gathered thinkers and leaders of the day to a place called Lyceum, where they discussed, debated, reasoned and learned from each other.  2,500 years later we replicated this idea in order to get close to our customers, learn from them, understand their challenges, and have conversations about solutions.

Guests from different industries and various professions also got the chance to network with peers, and engage in rare face-to-face discussions with hard-to-access experts and leaders.


As part of the Lyceum program, our executive and technology spokespeople presented stories of work we had done (and are doing) in the civil, environmental, mining and energy sectors.

The evening started with the exciting announcement of our new name and brand, Seequent, including the global launch of our new two-minute brand identity video by CEO Shaun Maloney. 

The keynote presentations then kicked off with a discussion of the risks that come with big infrastructure projects, and the confidence that our products bring to the stakeholder decision-making process. We then showed the audience the capacity for our technology to fully integrate in operational workflows and provide a collaborative platform over long distances, supporting multiple versions, and for complex sites. The presentation section finished with a compelling story about our contribution to a major saltwater intrusion study taking place in Monterey Bay, California, and the capacity our visualisation tools to help communicate risk to non-technical stakeholders.

 Daniela Ximenes presenting in Santiago
Daniela Ximenes presenting in Santiago

The Lyceum Zone

After the presentation section of the evening, guests were invited into the Lyceum Zone. The Zone was a three-section area of demos, discussion and ideas where our technical experts really shone. Small groups saw new product features, learned how to optimise for better performance and engaged in more in-depth stories and scenarios.

Time spent in the zone sparked conversation ideas with both Seequent staff and network peers.

What our guests said about Lyceum 2017

“Always love doing this.  Pie in the sky chats of where things could go.”

“It was a great evening and sufficiently different to most events in the industry to make a real impact. The software developments are exciting and I think a lot of people will be using them and then looking forward to hearing of the next developments.”

“The team that carried out the workshops were engaging and approachable which made the event highly useful and full of valuable information.”

“Having the local employees there to chat with was great, always good to build on those relationships.”

“It was a fantastic event. Thanks for taking the time to listen to our thoughts and opinions.”