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Feature developments in Leapfrog 2022.1 aim to improve visualisation and communication of your complex geological data to key stakeholders, providing the clarity and confidence that is essential for geologists.

Continual upgrades to your user experience include drillhole correlation tool improvements and the ability to visualise block model labels in 2D.

You’ll experience faster workflows and less time spent recreating layouts with changes to master layouts in sections, as well as the addition of plan view, removing the need to step away from Leapfrog to complete this part of your workflow.

We’ve also introducing a new, intuitive and interactive way to create quality 2.5D unstructured MODFLOW grids, breaking down the barriers to achieving more accurate models.

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  • Byron Taylor, Product Manager, Geological Modelling
  • Michael Stewart, Technical Domain Expert, Geology
  • Rachel Murtagh, Product Ownership Manager
  • Andrew McLoughlin, Product Owner
  • Lee Evans, Project Geologist, APAC
  • Natalia Buckowski, Project Geologist, Seequent
  • Sean Buchanan, Project Geologist, NAM
  • Brennan Williams, Product Manager, Energy


7 videos, 45 mins 53 seconds

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