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Discover how Seequent Central can assist in connecting geophysicists to the wider geoscientific team and break down barriers through real time notifications and interactive collaboration.

Central allows for Geosoft grids and voxels to be stored & version tracked; it also provides direct import options for geophysical files into the Leapfrog modelling suite to facilitate the constrain of geological models. In turn, finetuned geological interpretations can be communicated and shared through Central to facilitate an optimized geophysical model. Thus, the system supports a full iterative workflow that culminates in a true holistic model taking all the latest geoscientific information into account.

This webinar includes an introduction to Seequent Central and will show you how to import 2D geophysical grids across projects from the Central Data Room, to utilize outputs created in Oasis montaj.

Learn more about Seequent Central.

 Presented by Geoff Plastow, Senior Geophysicist and Janina Elliott, Senior Technical Lead at Seequent (31:39)