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In this video we will create a powerful workflow to integrate your photographic data stored in Imago with your Leapfrog models.

Discover how to integrate your core images and get meaningful insights that can make the difference for accurate modelling.

Imago core images provide a validation tool, as well as a guide when building your geological models.
This will ultimately minimise unintentional discrepancies between observation and interpretation and provide a better understanding of the geological controls on mineralisation, which is key to creating a successful interpretation of your deposit.
This Workflow Includes:
• Viewing data on the Imago Portal.
• Imago Connect Tools overview.
• Exporting Images from Imago Portal with Imago Connect Tools.
• Creation of 3D Drillholes Meshes (core images) with Imago Connect Tools.
• Importing 3D Drillholes Meshes with texture (core images) into Leapfrog.
• Exporting the colour attribute data.
• Importing the colour attribute data into Leapfrog.
• Manipulating the data in Leapfrog.
• Using the Core Photo Link.



Elisenda Rodriguez,
Customer Solutions Specialist – Data Management and Mining


106 minutes

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