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Manage and communicate ground risk

Integrated software for infrastructure projects

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Trusted by thousands of geoprofessionals and leading civil companies, Seequent is the Bentley Subsurface Company.

Our software helps you collaborate around a shared understanding of ground conditions to deliver projects faster with more certainty.

Leverage seamless workflows across teams, joint ventures, and your supply chain, to bring all information together – and quickly react to the latest insights as your work progresses.

Rapidly test hypotheses and validate designs, then select the best solution for your site.

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Explore Seequent solutions for civil infrastructure:

Increase the value of your geotechnical data

  • Centralise data management: Maintain an accessible single source of truth for all your geotechnical project data
  • Advance digital workflows: Streamline data acquisition, provide dynamic visualisations and standardised reporting using trusted data
  • Provide business continuity: Leverage a fully managed and scalable cloud platform to meet security and compliance requirements

Our featured solutions:


Make borehole log production seamless with a secure, enterprise cloud collaboration platform for geotechnical data management. Empower teams with access to current and historical project data in a dynamic cloud-based environmen

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Integrate geology into your geotechnical design

  • Reduce risks and minimise project delays from unseen ground conditions.
  • Models are dynamically updated as new data comes to hand, meaning you have more time for interpretation.
  • Collaborate in the cloud to share data and insights in near real-time between teams and locations with Leapfrog Works + Central.

Our featured solutions:


Manage and track Leapfrog projects, and connect to geotechnical analysis from a single, accessible environment.

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Leapfrog Works

Communicate insights with dynamic 3D modelling direct from your geotechnical data single source of truth.

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Confidently conquer geotechnical challenges

  • Reliably solve common and complex geotechnical challenges in soil and rock
  • Integrate, communicate, and interpret geotechnical data with industry-leading numerical modelling
  • Perform 2D and 3D geotechnical analyses and make informed decisions

Our featured solutions:


Perform sophisticated 2D and 3D limit equilibrium stability analysis of soil and rock slopes considering groundwater flow, heat and mass transfer.

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Solve soil-structure-interaction problems with the Finite Element Method in soil and rock for excavations, foundations, tunnels, and other infrastructure projects.

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