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Geotechnical data is at the heart of the value of your mine

It’s about the safety of your team, the stability of your infrastructure, certainty of your production and ultimately the value of your operation.

Host Peter Oshust (Senior Project Geologist, Seequent) and Andrew LeRiche (Rock Mechanics Consultant, SRK) will show you how to use Leapfrog Geo’s tools to visualise geotechnical risk in a unique dynamic workflow and improve your understanding of slope stability.

During this hour-long webinar, you’ll learn how to uncover a higher degree of granularity in your analysis, more than traditional geotechnical studies. Typically, stability assessment involves partitioning the rock mass into 3D geotechnical domains, which reduces complexity during analysis. This can easily lead to oversimplification, which doesn’t capture all the potential slope risks within each domain. Learn about how to use Leapfrog’s Form Interpolants, Variable Orientation, and Block Modeling for an iterative analysis that better represents the real rockmass, increases your geotechnical analysis resolution, reduces risk, and saves you time.



Peter Oshust
Senior Project Geologist – Seequent

Andrew LeRiche
Rock Mechanics Consultant – SRK


35 min

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Video Transcript

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