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In this video, Andrew McLoughlin, Product Owner for Leapfrog at Seequent explores improvements to the Drillhole Correlation Tool in Leapfrog 2022.1.

Our popular drillhole correlation tool has seen major improvements to its interface to enhance its appearance and usability. Now you can add custom colourmaps and labels to numeric data, along with smart selection of which data values are visible, minimising unnecessary visual clutter.
It is now possible to customise your column width to maximise screen usage inside the correlation Tab. Data within each drillhole can now be filtered as well, enabling you to visualise important data quickly and efficiently, for faster correlation and decision-making within the tab. Individual drillholes can be collapsed allowing you to track progress while working, and to ensure you’re looking at the specific data required.
A single formatting dialog now allows you to edit all the columns in a single place and the changes from this dialog are live so you can visually assess the changes made to column formatting.
Further data handling improvements, like interval thickness and log transform for numeric values, make this feature more useful and usable.



Andrew McLoughlin
Product Owner, Leapfrog, Seequent


7 minutes

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