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The Imago platform is able to handle any kind of imagery. Ultra Violet fluorescence can be assessed using off the shelf hardware and the imago software. This is particularly useful in deposits with carbonates or other fluorescing minerals.

We have incorporated the ability to control light sources and camera settings in Imago Capture X so you can capture visible and UV Light images seamlessly. Here is an example of its usage:

Imago Capture X will switch between white and UV light, and also will adjust camera settings automatically when you select Wet or UV respectively making the process very fast and simple. Images will be loaded into Imago’s Web Portal.

Fig. 1. Visible and UV light imagery displayed in Imago Portal.

Once in the portal, you will be able to turn on and display visible and UV light images, plus all the imagery of your project.

Geological Importance

Luminescence alteration is produced along the flow path of mineralizing fluids. Fluorescent (Mn-rich) veins are an indication of proximity to the ore-zone.

Steiner, A.P., and Hickey, K.A., 2020, Dissolution-precipitation roll-front behavior of ore-fl­uids in Carlin-type Au-deposits: implications for trace element zoning around deposits, Poster presentation, AME Roundup 2020, 20-23 January 2020.

These fluorescent veins may not be visible or distinguishable under visible light.

By using UV light veins can be picked up easily.

Credits: Nevada Exploration (TSX-V: NGE) (OTCQB: NVDEF)