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Imago Single Shot is a practical photo station to capture Core photographs.

It is lightweight, operated by just one person, and can be shipped and assembled on site.

It is composed of a frame made out of extruded aluminum, a camera holder (quick release plate), and a tablet holder.

Imago Single Shot

Use tabs to sit on box.  Can mount tablet on side as well.

You will receive your Chip Shot disassembled. Here you’ll find some instructions to put it together and start capturing core photographs in no time.

Imago Single Shot packing (81 x 20 x 8 cm).

The first step is to put together the aluminum frame:

View: assembled aluminum frame

To do this assemble the profiles using the connectors provided.

Exploded view: profiles positions

Assembly list:

Position Related Connector Qty
1 Universal (1.21.3F0) 1
2 Oblique – Hinge L + R (1.21.3FK1) 4
4 Universal (1.21.3F0) 2
4 Parallel Square (1.21.3F5) *

* This number is variable. Each pair will allow you to set different heights for the upper bar (Position 5), well send them to you in pairs and marked accordingly.

You could find it easier to assemble 5, 4, and 2 before 3:

Assembly hints

Once you’ve assembled the frame you will need to add the camera and tablet holders. The camera should be placed in the center of the upper bar (Position 5). The tablet holder can be placed on the sides, on top of one of the vertical bars.

You can tighten the camera to the holder using the little red handle.

Once ready place the camera and tablet in their respective holders and connect the camera to the computer using a tether cable. The tether cable should have the appropriate ports to connect both with the camera and tablet.

The piece that protrudes and is located alongside the camera (Piece #1) is designed to protect the camera in case the frame rotates and falls.

For additional information find the plans attached.

You are ready now to start capturing great core photographs with Imago Capture Software!