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In order to control the Chip Shot cameras you will first need to install the Spinnaker SDK software. Please make sure you install the software in application development mode.

You will not be using a Gig E camera.  Please install the software into the default directory.

Open the software and select the camera from the USB interface list.  Set the parameters according to the light source you are using.  The following parameters work well for a dome light.

Use the calibration card to set your corresponding depth of field for the camera.

Set the cropping of the image so only the rock chips in each compartment are uploaded.

Set you light source. Note, if you change the light source you will need to reset the setting tab.

Set the trigger controls for the camera.

You can save the settings to the camera so you do not have to enter each time if you change computers.

Now you are ready to have the camera record.  Use the record button on the interface and set the destination folder and desired file type: