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  • Which Smartphone should I buy for Imago Mobile?
  • Which Camera Should I Buy?
  • Supported Cameras
  • Capture Better Drill Core Images: Crash Course on Manual Camera Settings

Imaging Stations

  • Simple Mobile Capture Station Design Plans
  • Overview of Mobile Chip Capture Station
  • Simple Capture Station Design Plans
  • Imaging Station Examples
  • What Imaging Station Shall I Build?

Imago Hardware

  • Imago Handheld Rig
  • Imago Single Shot
  • Imago UV Hardware Configuration
  • Overview Of The Imago Split Shot
  • Overview of Core Shot
  • Imago chip Shot – Assembly Walkthrough
  • Overview of Imago Chip Shot Station
  • Imago Chips Shot Camera Settings
  • Imago Chips Shot Control Panel