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Energy Development Corporation (EDC) are the worlds largest vertically integrated geothermal company.

See how EDC use Seequent technology, Leapfrog Geothermal, to manage, visualise and communicate their data.


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Video Transcript

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<v ->Energy Development Corporation, or EDC,</v>

is a total renewable energy company.

We have existing geothermal fields

that are operating in four different areas

of the Philippines with a total aggregate

of close to 1,200 megawatts.

EDC have also been expanding its operations,

and we are basically just looking at

geothermal prospects outside of the Philippines.

Our largest field in Leyte has been operating since 1983.

Also, our Dumaguete steam field is been in the industry

for more than 35 years.

The challenge for us in the industry

is how to bring our costs down.

What we have been doing at EDC

is we’re looking at ways on how to bring this cost down

by being more efficient.

Looking at new technologies that will allow us

to invest a little bit more,

but will significantly reduce

our number of days of drilling.

<v ->I’m mostly in charge of the geologic data,</v>

both the well data and surface data.

As the main modeler in the company,

I also collate data from the other disciplines

like the geophysics, chemistry, and also the reservoir data.

It’s really good that there’s one platform

where we put all of these data together

because it’s easier to look at the data holistically

and correlate them with each other.

<v ->Going into a big data platform and putting all data</v>

into one system that incorporates all that information

and provide this data to our scientists

and our decision makers is the way to go.

We have extensive data.

We have 35, almost 40 years of exploration

and production data, and we need to be able to capitalize

on what that data can give us.

<v ->When I first came here to EDC,</v>

we used to deal with the printouts of data.

And then that’s when EDC started to digitize

all of these data.

And I was one of the people involved

in that endeavor of the company.

Once something is uploaded into the Cloud,

it will automatically go into the model.

So the model will evolve with the data.

<v ->Leapfrog has revolutionized our way of thinking</v>

by visualizing the information, all of the reservoir

and surface information into one platform.

It provides information and analysis

from a different perspective that we have not seen before.

It’s giving us confidence, it’s optimizing our targets,

and it helped us in pinpointing where to extract

the greatest value from the wells that we drill.

Leapfrog has made the decision making

and well targeting easier for us.

<v ->Leapfrog has provided us with a very robust platform</v>

where it’s really easy to gather

different kinds of data sets

and put them all together in one area.

I think it’s a very intuitive software,

and it allows the users to feel comfortable

in manipulating the data and producing models

out of these data.

<v ->It provides the platform for our scientists,</v>

our engineers, to discuss and eventually find out

what’s the challenge in the data that is not consistent

with the other information.

<v ->It helps us communicate better</v>

especially with the management.

It helps non-scientists to have an idea

of how the resource looks like.

<v ->And at the end of the day,</v>

we determine which option would provide us the best value.

By incorporating the drilling data with our resource data

that was generated through Leapfrog,

it provides the best value for our buck.

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