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Since the 1930s the utilisation of low temperature geothermal fields in Iceland has greatly improved the inhabitants’ life quality and completely transformed capital city. The Elliðaárdalur low temperature geothermal field in Reykjavík, Iceland, is an example of an existing low temperature area, which has been used for district heating since 1968 by Veitur Utilities. In Reykjavik coal-burning heat was replaced by clean geothermal energy therefore air pollution drastically decreased. Geothermal water provides water to local pools and hot tubs that became a “hot-spot” for social gatherings that also provide great health benefits.

This webinar will discuss low temperature geothermal energy development in Iceland and present results of RESULT (Enhancing Reservoirs in Urban development: smart wells and reservoir development) an EU H2020 funded project. Data integration and visualisation, geological and temperature modelling using Leapfrog Energy will be discussed as well as enhancement of reservoirs lifetime and recovery.



Helga Margrét Helgadóttir, Geologist – Iceland Geosurvey

Hlíf Gunnarsdóttir Senior geologist – Iceland Geosurvey

Vaiva Cypaite, Customer Solutions Specialist – Seequent


49:35 mins

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