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Advancing geophysical data management and collaboration

As geoscientists increasingly work across multiple projects, they require better data management and visibility, and tools that help them collaborate across project lifecycles.

Oasis montaj has been an industry-leading geophysical and integrated geoscience processing platform for decades, and with the latest release, interoperability and collaboration are taken to the next level with Seequent Central integration. Central enables geoscientists to connect and track changes to their Oasis montaj projects interactively within a cloud environment and directly from Oasis montaj.

Make informed decisions easier.

Users can share scenes, notify stakeholders, and quickly set stages for their projects. Using branching and stage selections, new science can be incorporated without affecting a master project, and all data can be safely accessed and reviewed along the entire workflow – from raw data to processing and enhancement through to the final stages of interpretation.
Opening a Central project GIF
Opening an Oasis montaj project from Seequent Central

Safely publish your Oasis montaj projects.

Publishing is how we save a visual snapshot of your Oasis montaj project in a point of time, retaining all the valuable metadata associated with data formation. Version control is managed by Central for you, removing the need to store all your processing and interpretation data in a single project. Whereas previously, a single project contained all processing and interpretation saved together with users working from one location. Now, you can reduce file size and increase efficiency by safely and securely relying on Seequent Central to store and maintain a history of your processing changes.

Publishing Oasis montaj to Central GIF

Publishing a revision to Seequent Central

Update your geoscience projects with the latest changes.

Are you working across multiple time zones or business groups? Are contractors and consultants sharing data updates effectively so you can make decisions faster? By integrating Seequent Central into your geoscience workflows, you can update your project daily with the latest changes and see how new data or enhancements affect your interpretations and models.

Collaborate smarter.

Through notifications, you can keep up to date with changes affecting you, allowing you to visualise and start working on your projects quickly. Seequent Central project owners can easily connect and share web scenes with new team members through an internet browser to test new hypotheses and deliver smarter solutions quicker. Interoperability with other geoscience apps and platforms, including Leapfrog, is coming soon, so watch this space.

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