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On World Water Day 2024, Seequent underscores the critical role of groundwater in sustaining life and economies globally. Our infographic delves into the unseen yet indispensable world of groundwater, and how it fuels households, agriculture, and industries worldwide.

As we navigate the challenges of urban water scarcity and the economic impacts of climate change, the innovative application of geophysics in groundwater management becomes ever more crucial. Discover the benefits of electromagnetic (EM) and electrical resistivity (ER) surveys in ensuring the sustainable management of our most precious resource.

Explore the graphics below on the importance and use of groundwater, or read through our water resource management article to see how Seequent products are used for vital water-related work.


The Lifeline of Global Communities and Economies

Groundwater forms the unseen backbone of our planet’s water resources, residing in underground layers of soil and rock. It is a crucial source of fresh water for households, agriculture, and industries around the world.

Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6


Universal clean water and sanitation by 2030


URBAN WATER SCARCITY: Almost 1/2 of the urban population is projected to be affested by 2050.

ECONOMIC IMPACT: Water scarcity could cost some regions up to 6% GDP by 2050 affecting agriculture, health and triggering migration.

Supplies 50% of global domestic water

Irrigates 25% of global agriculture

What threatens global freshwater supplies?

How can we discover groundwater?

Data-driven solutions are critical in combatting the impacts of climate change and urbanisation

Geophysical surveys Airborne and ground-based EM and ERT surveys

Groundwater modelling

Borehole drilling

Soil samples

Data Inversion and Interpretation

How can we help improve water security?

Source: UN Water Development Report 2023 – Cooperation for Water

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