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Watch our webinar to explore Volsung, Seequent's advanced geothermal simulation software, enabling comprehensive modelling and informed decision-making for geothermal projects.

Discover its applications for reservoir and wellbore modelling, and thermodynamics, empowering geoscientists, and engineers to optimize geothermal project outcomes.

Our expert-led webinar and Q&A session where we present Volsung, Seequent’s advanced geothermal simulation software used for energy exploration and development. Volsung offers an integrated solution to comprehensively model and simulate your geothermal project, from subsurface reservoirs to surface systems. Gain unparalleled clarity, ensure optimal system performance, and confidently make data-driven decisions.

We will guide you through Volsung and demonstrate how to develop and execute geothermal reservoir simulations and interpret model results. You will learn how to use the interface for 3D reservoir visualization and control. You will see how to import an existing model or build one from scratch in Volsung with options for different grid types, assigning reservoir properties, and run a simulation. We will also demonstrate the Wellbore Modelling and thermodynamic tools.

This webinar will demonstrate how geoscientists and geothermal engineers can leverage Volsung’s capabilities to make informed decisions, improving the efficiency and outcomes of geothermal projects.



Vaiva Cypaite

Customer Solutions Specialist, Seequent

Jonathon Clearwater

Technical Domain Expert, Reservoir Engineering, Seequent



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