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Central allows you to build a better connection with your project team and create collaborative modelling workflows in the cloud. However, when it comes to engaging a wider audience like your investors, the public, or your external stakeholders, to date there has been no simple intuitive way to communicate and share your project findings.

This all changes with our new public scenes sharing capability in Central coming soon. Building on the latest scenes capability in our August release, you will be able to create scenes for your projects to highlight important aspects, and then select versions to share publicly.

Public scenes can either be shared via a link which will launch the Central Viewer in the web browser, or you can embed the public scenes directly on a web page.

Try it out now with the public scenes linked below and keep an eye out for this new capability coming soon in Seequent Central.

View more public scene examples:

Marlin Underground Gold Mine

New York Metro Geology model

Geothermal Resource model