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Join our technical team as we run through an efficient workflow that accelerates the creation of stage construction geometries for stability analysis. This webinar will discuss how to use Leapfrog Works to generate a 3D Staged Construction Model and import the geometries into GeoStudio through Central.

The Seequent portfolio offers a wide range of analysis options and features, providing you with the ability to assess the performance of dams, levees, and embankments with varying levels of complexity.
It can be time consuming to generate complex geometries that change and update. Leverage the power of Leapfrog to model the subsurface and generate the geometry needed for a stability analysis through the Central connection to GeoStudio.
Join this free webinar, where Seequent technical experts, Richard and Farzin will:
– Create a staged model through Leapfrog Works
– Publish the workflow on Central
– Import geometries into GeoStudio
– Run stability analysis
– Dynamically update the geometries.



Richard Lowries and Farzin Hamidi


60 minutes

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