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Watch this co-hosted webinar recording presented by experts from SPH Engineering and Seequent, a Bentley Company.

During the video you will learn the basic workflows, concepts, and tools necessary to plan a drone survey using UgCS software and process data in Oasis montaj. We will pick buried anthropogenic sources such as unexploded ordinance (UXO)and estimate their depths.

We will cover the following concepts during the webinar:

  • Review of SENSYS MagDrone R3/R4 magnetometers in regards of requirements for the mission planning (distance between lines, flight speed, altitude)
  • Flight planning using UgCS software
  • Import data into Oasis montaj
  • Determine background signal and subtract that from the magnetic data
  • Calculate analytic signal and pick targets
  • Use Euler deconvolution to estimate depth of buried objects



Alexey Dobrovolskiy 
Chief Technical Officer, Member of Board & Co-Founder of SPH Engineering

Victor Mapuranga 
Customer Solutions Specialist, Seequent


1 hour 9 min

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