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Oasis montaj and Target 2021.2 now provide customers with more ways to work with generic surface (mesh) utilities. You now can create more advanced manipulations with the ability to move, scale, convert and reproject surfaces.

Geosurfaces (Figure 1) are closed or open bodies originated from different types of sources. It can be created from a voxel isosurface, from a 3D DXF when importing trough 3D view menu, and also when importing Leapfrog models. Those 3D geosurfaces can be used in many operations, simply for integration with other types of data in Oasis montaj and even to constrain a 3D model in GM-SYS 3D or VOXI Earth Modelling.

Figure 1 – Geosurfaces based on a voxel

Having different ways of manipulation enables smoother and intuitive workflows.

Using the Utilities tab found within the 3D View menu,  you now have the ability to manipulate geosurfaces in Oasis montaj and Target in order to move, scale, convert and reproject it.

Figure 2 – Geosurface options through 3D view

Sample a Surface on to a Grid

You can now use this option to sample a Surface (mesh) onto the geometry of an existing grid, enabling you to use the new grid in other processes that do not support meshes. This option takes a geosurface file, a selected surface or feature, and a geometry grid (regular or plan orientation) as inputs. A new grid is then created with the same parameters as the geometry grid. Users want to “convert” a surface to a grid.

Multi-Z surfaces are handled by sampling:

  • First intersection from top: the maximum value
  • First intersection from bottom: the minimum value
  • Average of all intersections: the mean value

Figure 3 – Sample a Surface window

Figure 4 – Geosurface and Geometry grid (input files)

Figure 5 – Elevation grid based on the geosurface (maximum value)

Copy a Surface

You can now use the “Copy a Surface” option to copy a surface from one geosurface file to another geosurface file. This new tool allows you to organize surfaces more easily.

Some important points to note:

  • Source and target geosurface files may be the same
  • Reprojection, if necessary, happens on-the-fly
  • All attributes of the source surface are copied

Figure 6 – Copy a Surface window

Shift or Scale a Surface

You can now transform an existing surface or create a new version with a different size or position. The entire surface is shifted or scaled by the same amount, resulting in no internal deformation. The new surface may be written to a new, existing or to the same (input) geosurface file. Reprojection, if necessary, happens on-the-fly.

  • Shift: add constant values to all X, Y, and/or Z coordinates
  • Scale: multiply all X, Y, and/or Z coordinates constant values

Figure 7 – Shift or Scale a Surface window

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