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A free webinar – presented by Ground Engineering magazine and Seequent, the Bentley Subsurface Company – sharing lessons from an engineering consultancy’s journey from desktop to cloud platform.

This webinar delves into Arcadis’ geotechnical data journey from desktop to cloud computing.
During the webinar, speakers from Seequent and Arcadis explore the challenges companies have faced in managing their geotechnical data on desktop systems.
They discuss how Arcadis overcame these challenges by adopting a cloud-based platform called OpenGround.
The webinar also showcases real-life projects from the rail and water industries, highlighting how the integration of AGS, FME, OpenGround, Leapfrog Works and Power BI has created workflows that have improved efficiency, accuracy and collaboration among geotechnical teams.
The webinar aims to give a better understanding of how connecting teams and software through cloud-based solutions is “revolutionising” geotechnical data.



Roger Chandler,

Matthew Gamlin,

Alex Beever,


107 minutes

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