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The Chip Shot is our automated rig to capture high-resolution photographs of RC Chips. When using the Chip Shot you will be able to capture high-resolution photographs of your chip trays in a fast and automated way uploading the pictures directly into Imago’s web portal.

Fig. 1. Chip Shot.

Table 1. Comparison Table

Manual Frame Chip Shot – Automated
Image Resolution Medium High
Moisture Consistency Poor Excellent
Lighting Consistency Moderate Excellent
Camera Settings Can Change Fixed
Operator Influence High Low
Time per Tray 2 minutes 40 second

The system includes a FLIR Camera and can run polarized light, UV, and diffuse light. It also incorporates an automatic sprayer to get the sample wet. The chip tray is positioned in a plate controlled by a motor so the whole process is automatic.

Fig. 2. Chip Shot Engineering configuration.

Cycle time takes about 22 seconds, although you can make it faster or slower by controlling the speed of the motor. You can control various parameters through the control panel interface.

Fig. 3. General and motor settings. You can adjust parameters related to spray, trigger, nozzle and motor.

The system is made to be highly adjustable so you can also control camera settings directly from FLIR’s Spinnaker SDK Software.

Our deployment and support team will also be available to get you up and running with the best configuration for your needs.

Fig. 4. Camera settings are adjustable.

With the Chip Shot, you will end up with an automated way to capture high-quality photographs of your Chips, in a fast and consistent way. The best part is that you will be able to access your imagery immediately anywhere and at any given time in Imago’s web portal to get the most out of your chips.

Fig. 5. Chip Images are loaded Imago’s web portal.