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Seequent’s Channel Partner Program will be specifically designed to equip you with the resources and support needed to best match the way you operate your business.

As Seequent develop the program, our overarching goal is to motivate and engage with you to create the best possible value for our customers.

Seequent have five categories to our Channel Partner Program, and you may be familiar with facets of this if you have recently updated your agreements or your principal companies have consolidated under Seequent due to acquisition. The categories are described below.

Category Details
Certified Associate Provides training services locally and is certified on Seequent solutions.


Referral Partner Provides leads to Seequent for a margin on the first year


Buyer Has the ability to process orders for the customer


Co-Sell Partner Markets and sells jointly with Seequent. Especially useful for a new partner or where full solution knowledge is yet to be achieved.
Reseller Partner Markets and sells Seequent solutions independently, and manages the end-to-end sales process

Please feel free to connect with us should you require further insights and clarification on which category is best suited to you as you develop your journey with Seequent.

Throughout 2022 we will be developing existing tools and introducing new components to the program to enable your success in developing and closing opportunities across our broad range of market segments. These will include:

Sales and marketing tools
Top-notch professional sales tools to take to your end customer on the same path as our internal teams.

Education and training programs
Programs where you can learn valuable new skills and provide that extra value to your customer.

Providing you with the opportunity to attend certification programs, which helps demonstrate to your customers the commitment, investment, and technical knowledge you have on our solutions.

Sales support
We will ensure you have access to the right level of support you need to develop your sales opportunities and help customers with any challenges they need solving.

Partner Resource Management platform
Not just a place for you to register and monitor leads, but also a place where you can get access to the latest bulletins, marketing, brand and relevant legal material so you are equipped for anything.

A forum where we can get together and exchange stories and ideas and gain valuable insights from each other. And, as the world starts to open again for normal travel, we hope some of this can be in person.