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Unearthed: The cities of the future

Five of the World’s Most Surprising Underground Developments

Five of the World’s Most Surprising Underground Developments

Interesting developments including underground cities, farms, business parks and more ...
The earth at night

The Space Elevator

The premium for space on our planet is making us look elsewhere ...
plastic water bottle rubbish in the gutter with leaves

Will tomorrow’s waste feel the pressure?

Cities are in search of a cleaner, faster, neater solution to the rumbling garbage truck ...
Mega city concept

Tomorrow’s cities will be vast. Can the drive for sustainability keep pace with their growth?

As city populations grow ever larger – and move from ‘mega’ to ‘giga’ status ...
Singapore beneath the surface

Singapore beneath the surface

While others may dig for gold, oil or diamonds ...
Komatso Seiren offices in Nomi

Engineering buildings which resist seismic disturbance

Four of the world’s biggest economies are cities sitting along fault lines ...
Drone flying in the air

Robots in the air? Is the future of city transport in the hands of robots?

After years of sci-fi promise, are some of the AI guided revolutions in autonomous transport beginning to mature ...
Going Underground

Going Underground

Though skyscrapers will continue their race to the clouds, designers and engineers are increasingly looking at what they can do ...