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Want to learn how to transform a geophysical grid or database into 3D subsurface property model?

Watch this expert-led webinar with Seequent Geophysicist, Jack, who will walk you through how to effectively utilise constraints in your geological models for mining and energy projects.

Learn how to construct and manipulate geophysical constraints to deepen your understanding of your subsurface models in this expert-led webinar.

Join Seequent Geophysicist, Jack, as he shares his essential tips and tricks for constraining known or conceptual geophysical models in mining and energy projects.

Jack will use VOXI as his tool of choice to explore the following concepts:
  • Unconstrained geophysical inversion
  • Geological model constrained inversion
  • Drillhole constrained inversion
  • Other constrained inversion, and
  • Forward modelling.
Webinar participants do not have to have VOXI or extensive experience with geophysics to take away learnings from this webinar. Any geoscience professional interested in learning more about applied geophysics will learn something from this webinar!



Jack Chanmala

Senior Project Geophysicist – Seequent


60 minutes

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